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Make a typical birth list for a boy.

Future parents, you already know the sex of your child: it's a boy, congratulations! Making a birth list for a boy is now part of your occupations before the arrival of your toddler. Here's how to do it right.

The essentials for a comfortable room

In his first few months, your baby boy will sleep about 16 hours a day. He'll need to get plenty of strength from his sleep to keep him energized and growing. The comfort of his bed is therefore an essential part of his development. Choose a bed + mattress set that is very soft and that you will complete with fitted sheets and blankets in the colors of his room.

Many bed themes for your boy are available, to offer a homogeneous set and a harmonious room. For the decoration of his room, choose pastel colors, very comforting and soothing, like blue or green.

As for his sleep, a sleeping bag (or a sleeping bag, an angel's nest) is a very good complement. This little sleeping bag is a real walking nest that will regulate, in any season, the temperature of your toddler to spend sweet nights. But some sleeps will be more agitated than others, and no parent can miss it: the baby monitor call. To have a constant sound and/or visual link during his sleep phases, this device is almost indispensable in a boy's birth list.

Everything you need for energizing meals

After a good night's sleep, it's time to get some energy! And baby will need it very often, at about six to eight meals a day. So equip yourself: bottles for meals, a high chair for a good sitting and digestion of food, and bibs for the misses. So many prerequisites in a birth list for a boy so that the meals take place in the best conditions.

And since food processors aren't just for adults, why not add one to your baby list? This little appliance will help you prepare delicious meals for him every day, while also making your life easier.

The equipment you need for safe outings

Your baby will need to get some fresh air to develop and discover the world. The most important thing for a peaceful outing is a well-equipped stroller. But this probably won't be enough, as you'll also need a car seat or carrycot. The best solution is to have all three at the same time. Easy to use and versatile, the 3-in-1 stroller will be your best ally for all your outings, and for years to come, given its sturdiness.

And if you prefer to carry your little one at mom's or dad's height so that he can interact more easily with the people and environment around him, think of the baby carrier! Many models will satisfy your need for mobility as well as your little boy's curiosity.

To wake up a little more every day
If there's one essential item you shouldn't forget on your baby's list of things to keep him awake, it's definitely the baby mobile. This multi-purpose toy will accompany your boy throughout his day to meet his high demand for stimulation and activity.

And since he will spend most of his days in his bed, in his playpen or comfortably sitting in his stroller, the baby mobile will follow him everywhere. The many sound and visual stimuli of animal plush toys will be his most faithful companions and will help him discover new sounds and new horizons.

The essential for a clean boy

A good baby bathtub will bring him a sanitary well-being and will offer you a moment of complicity at each use. In all sizes and colors, ergonomic, folding, on a stand or integrated into the changing table, the choice is vast for your little boy to enjoy warm baths. But not too hot either! A small bath thermometer will be perfect to check and regulate the temperature. And let's not forget a comfortable bathrobe, so that the exit of each bath is done gently.

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