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Making a typical birth list for a baby girl.

"Congratulations, it's a girl!" : this is what the sonographer told you a few days ago. There is only one thing left to do: prepare a birth list for a girl. Don't delay, you only have a few weeks left before baby arrives! Here are the essentials for your list.

What you need for a good first meal.

A birth list for a girl allows you to prepare for the first meals: the first weeks, there will be six to eight meals a day! So start by adding a few baby bottles to your list. If possible, opt for glass models, and in any case without bisphenol, which is harmful to baby's health, and the teats that go with them.

Think ahead: tomorrow, your baby will only take his bottles, but very quickly, he will start to taste blended and solid foods. A few bibs are needed, as well as unbreakable plates and cutlery - between six months and a year, nothing makes a child laugh more than to see his meal fly across the kitchen...

 Of course, to eat well, you need to be seated well, so add a comfortable and practical high chair to your baby girl's list. To help you prepare meals, you can also include a food processor. It's very practical, especially for preparing meals in advance!

Everything you need for a good night's sleep.

Baby's brain develops the most when he sleeps. It's a good thing: during his first months, a newborn closes his eyes for about 16 hours a day! It is not recommended to add a crib and mattress to your birth list unless you are sure that a family member will pick them up well before the due date and that you will be delivered right away. These items should be ready when you leave the maternity ward to avoid stress.

On the other hand, you can put several seasonally appropriate baby sleeping bags and cozy pajamas on your baby girl's birth list. You should also include a baby monitor, an indispensable ally for a peaceful night's sleep for baby and parents alike. There are several models, some of which offer a video link. Ideal to see baby sleeping soundly... and to react quickly in case of night-time awakening. A little advice: it is not useful to add stuffed animals and cuddly toys to your birth list for a girl. You'll probably get several as baby gifts!

Ideas for growing up well.

Looking for what to put on your baby girl birth list to help her grow up right? Start by adding a mobile for baby. It will accompany her in her games and naps, and stimulate her senses, contributing to her development. 

You can also add a few early age toys: bricks, rattles, puppets, sound books, visual stimulation books... Finally, you can enrich your daughter's birth list with a playpen, offering multiple activities, and a walking wagon. The first steps are difficult, such equipment will be perfect to help your daughter!

Outfitting for outings.

Getting out into the fresh air is one of the first pleasures of babies. But to discover the world, you need to be well equipped. The most important thing? Having a comfortable stroller: there are 3-in-1 models, adding a carrycot and a car seat to the classic stroller. This is a must for your daughter's birth list!

If your baby is due in the fall or winter, consider adding a stroller footmuff. This accessory will keep baby warm. We almost envy it...

You don't want to be more than 30 centimeters away from your newborn during your outings? Opt for a baby carrier! In a sling, on your back, on your chest... the options are numerous and comfortable.

Everything to be the cleanest little girl.

In your birth list for a girl, include a bathtub. Your baby will be too small at birth to use the same one as you - and let's not talk about taking a shower! They come in many sizes and colors. Some of them are foldable and therefore very practical for travelling.

Small sponge, water toys and bath thermometer will perfectly complete your daughter's bathing kit. All you have to do is take her out of the water and wrap her up in a soft bathrobe, and she's off to new adventures and discoveries...

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