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Pregnancy: what should you buy to prepare for baby's arrival?

Are you expecting a happy event? Congratulations! After the excitement and the brief moments of doubt, you are surely starting to think about purchases to be made, which will be even more numerous for a first child. If you want to go shopping and prepare for the arrival of baby by buying everything you need, you must also ask yourself some questions: how long should you wait? And above all, how to spread out the essential purchases over the entire pregnancy?

During the first trimester: get informed first

Don't talk about the baby before the end of the first trimester, never put the cradle up before giving birth, buy booties first, don't buy anything before the tenth month... beliefs about pregnancy are hard to break. And this, in particular concerning the first trimester. However, it is recommended to make certain purchases during this period.

Books and magazines

The first trimester of pregnancy is the beginning of a big change in the life of a woman and the person who shares her life. If you're pregnant, the first few weeks are when your body prepares for the baby's growth. Your organs gradually make more room for your uterus. Your mind is already focused on this little being. And this is just the beginning!

So it's natural to want to get information. Fortunately, there are many books and magazines on the subject. Don't hesitate to read them, get information, anticipate. Not everything can be found in books, but the more you know, the better off you will be during the nine months of your pregnancy!

Good to know
The "For Dummies" series of books offers two books that are both precise and guilt-free on parenthood: Becoming a mom for Dummies and Becoming a dad for Dummies. They provide valuable information to prepare for the arrival of baby, and answer many questions... even those that we would be ashamed to ask our doctor!

The first pregnancy clothes

As the end of the first trimester of pregnancy approaches, your belly is probably getting a little rounder. Your clothes are tighter. It's time to buy your first pregnancy clothes!

Pants, T-shirt, skirt... there is a wide range of clothes for pregnant women. You can also buy body care products ( moisturizer, anti-stretch mark oil, etc.). It's also a bit of a first gift for baby: a mother who feels good is a baby who grows in the best conditions.

During the second trimester: the arrival of the first essentials

At the beginning of the second trimester, after the first ultrasound that confirms that your baby is doing well, it's time to start buying the essentials. But also to start indulging yourself by imagining your future family life.

The five essentials of the second trimester

As you enter the fourth month of pregnancy, it's important to build a solid foundation of baby essentials. There are five products that you should have in your apartment or house.

  1. A maternity pillow. During the pregnancy, it will relieve your back when you are sitting. After the birth of baby, you can put baby comfortably for a nap, or lean on it while you feed him.
  2. A baby sling or baby carrier, to carry your baby while keeping your hands free. Most of the models sold in stores today are suitable for both mom and dad.
  3. A changing table and mattress. While the bed can wait a little (during his first weeks, it is likely that baby sleeps near you, in an adapted bassinet), the changing table and the mattress must be part of the first purchases while waiting for the arrival of your newborn.
  4. A set of 8 feeding bottles, to complement or replace breast milk. If you don't want to or can't breastfeed (and we only know this after the birth), you must have all the equipment for baby's first meals
  5. The stroller. There are many models, at all prices, from the cheapest and most basic to the most expensive, which folds more easily and is lighter. The fourth month is a good time to go to the store and try several!

Baby's first clothes

At the end of the second trimester of pregnancy, your maternity suitcase should start to fill up. Even if you don't know the sex of your baby yet - it's coming, just a few more days of patience!

So start shopping for this essential equipment in anticipation of the days spent in the maternity ward. Buy about ten long-sleeved onesies (except if the birth is planned for July or August, of course), two sleeping bags adapted to the season, about ten pairs of socks, two hats and a pair of small birth gloves. Unless the maternity hospital provides them, buy your first diapers: two packages for a baby weighing 2 to 5 kg are necessary to face the first stools!

During the third trimester: the essentials... and the "pleasure" purchases

This is it, you're in the home stretch. Baby is coming, and you may know, if you expressed the wish during the last ultrasound check-up, if baby is a boy or a girl. It's time to buy the last few must-haves and make him happy!

The last "must-haves" of the first days

The last trimester is the best time to make some essential purchases, especially because you may have had some financial contributions to your birth list, practical for the most expensive accessories.

In this case, it's about getting :

  • a car seat, to get your baby home safely. Additional equipment may be necessary in case of a premature birth, but it is possible to rent it;
  • a crib and/or a bed with bars;
  • feeding bottles, with different nipples, to find the one that suits your baby best;
  • diapers. The more you have, the better;
  • clothes in birth, 1 month and 2 month sizes, adapted to the season and to baby's body (don't forget that a newborn catches cold faster than an adult);
  • the necessary items for bathing (safe bathtub, towels, cleaning products, etc.);
  • the necessities for routine care (hairbrush, nail scissors, thermometer, etc.);
  • a kit for minor injuries;
  • several sleeping bags for the night;
  • bibs (lots of them!) and cotton diapers;
  • a nightlight, even if baby won't need it right away.

The first toys

Very soon after birth, baby will want to play. During the last trimester of pregnancy, you can start filling his toy box. So, bring along a few fabric blocks, play mats, rattles and musical games. Babies love it!

Also buy a few stuffed animals and comforters - not to be put in the baby's bed during the first few months, to avoid the risk of suffocation. Finally, complete these first "fun" purchases with a set of pacifiers. Don't be afraid to buy more than you need: as soon as he's old enough to throw them away, your little one will not hesitate to discreetly send them away from his stroller!

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