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Where does the tradition of the baby shower come from?

Synonymous with a day with friends, gifts, relaxing activities and games, the baby shower is attracting more and more women. Coming from across the US, this party has been widely popularized by American movies and TV shows. Who doesn't remember the Friends episode with Rachel and Ross! Here is some history to know everything about this tradition!

The baby shower, an American tradition

While the baby shower has been popularized by American culture, the same type of celebration can be found in many ancient tribes. This ritual has existed since the dawn of time and reflects the joy of the birth of a newborn.

In India, it is called "God Bharavi". In South Africa, it's called the "Stork Festival" and in Brazil, it's called the "fiesta de obsequios". In the United States, the expression baby shower literally means "the shower of gifts".

Some even place all the presents in a parasol, so that they fall like rain. If celebrations have existed since the dawn of time, this tradition developed strongly around 1900. After the end of the Second World War, it popped up in the US to conquer the hearts of mothers-to-be!

The baby shower, a trendy party in the series

In America, the general public has discovered the baby shower through movies and television shows. In the first season of Sex and The City, Carrie and her friends went to the baby shower of an old acquaintance. Faced with diaper cakes, Samantha preferred to take refuge in a glass of vodka.
A few years and seasons later, under pressure from Charlotte, Miranda decides to throw a party with her friends to celebrate the arrival of little Brady.
In Friends, the arrival of Rachel and Ross' baby turned the famous circle of friends upside down. Rachel's eventful baby shower is one of the show's best moments.
This tradition can be found in episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Seinfeld and in many movies.

How does a baby shower go?

Adopted for decades, the baby shower is becoming a must for future mothers. Whether it's the birth of a first, second or third child, it's always a good opportunity to get together with friends!
Generally organized between friends and colleagues, this celebration is usually held during the day around a snack. The party is spiced up with activities such as regressive games, candy buffets, personalized gifts...

Generally, the baby shower is scheduled around the eighth month. This celebration shakes up French habits. The list of birth gifts does not necessarily fit with this little party.
Nowadays, this party is mostly an opportunity to get together with friends, to share a friendly moment, to take care of yourself and to decompress before the arrival of the baby.