5 Tips for an Outdoor Baby Shower | Mother & Baby Shopper

Five tips from the pros for organizing your outdoor baby shower

If the organization of a baby shower has many advantages (unlimited space for your guests, we take advantage of the beautiful summer weather etc.), it also tempts you to avoid some pitfalls for a perfect organization. Motherbabyshopper.com divulges you some tips to ensure a successful organization.

1 - The right material for my Baby Shower decoration.

You have planned to make a pretty decoration on the theme of baby? Take care to adapt your decoration to your venue. If you make your own banners and decorations, be careful with the material you use: some papers and ribbons can't withstand a gust of wind, let alone a few drops of rain. Opt for rectangular metallic or plastic banners that can be used both indoors and outdoors!

2- Decorating large spaces: an art or a budget?

The bigger the place and the space where your guests will be, the more difficult the decoration will be to achieve. A large space often requires more decorations and therefore more means! To avoid falling into the trap of exploding your decorating budget, go through a professional. An organizer will have decorations and tips that will ultimately cost you less and will enhance the charms of the place and your decoration. Not always easy choices to make... The mybbshowershop.com team can advise you. For those who want to try by themselves: try to concentrate your "baby shower space" on a space as if you were in an apartment and therefore your decoration too.

3- Dealing with temperatures and little "bugs

Think of adapting your Sweet Table and Candy bar so that everything can hold during your baby shower. Try to choose treats that are not too heat resistant (shortbread, cup cakes decorated with icing, cookies etc.), and only serve what will not resist to small bugs or heat when your guests are going to eat them: for example, bring the baby shower cake at the time of the tasting. Note that cup cakes with icing or sugar paste decoration are more heat resistant than those with butter or mascarpone topping.

For your viewing pleasure, you can set your entire table, then remove and chill your cakes and cupcakes for the duration of the baby shower games.

4- Outdoor Baby Shower Games

Remember to choose games that are well suited to the outdoors. Avoid anything "workshop" like bodysuit painting or bib painting where you need to sit down and be quiet. Games such as "changing babies", diaper games, bottle games, ribbon games, etc., lend themselves well to the outdoors. Set up a small table with all the materials for your games, and remember to bring a blanket for anything done on the floor. The blindfolded baby changing game is hilarious, it would be a shame to miss out on some memorable moments because of poor organization!

5- Plan B inevitable

No matter what, always have a plan B! Even if you absolutely want to have an outdoor baby shower, take the time to plan a fallback location if the weather does not allow you to be outdoors. Also plan B for decoration and logistics so that you are not caught short if everything does not go as planned. Make a small decoration plan on paper for an indoor version or under cover. No one is safe from a storm, a strong wind or a last minute change. You'll be able to start your Baby Shower day with peace of mind if you know that whatever happens, plan B has already been thought of!