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Baby shower decorations and cupcake ideas reveals everything you need to know about decorating your baby shower cupcakes! Here are five tips from our baby shower cupcake recipes: cupcake molds, cupcake recipes, cream toppings, mascarpone, marzipan, icing, cupcake toppers and decorations, and cupcake presentation.

1. Baby Shower cupcake molds

There are two types of cupcake molds: silicone and paper.

Silicone molds: they are practical, reusable and can be bought in your colors. A little expensive to buy in large quantities, make sure that your guests do not throw them away or damage them when unmolding!

Paper molds: Paper cup cake cases are more classic. You can choose patterns and colors to match your baby shower. Be careful to buy oven-safe paper cupcakes as this is not always the case. The packaging must specify the use in the oven.

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2. The cupcake recipe

Honestly, you can make just about any type of cupcake, sponge cake, yogurt cake or chocolate cake. For Mother & Baby Shopper, the only thing is to make sure the cupcakes don't puff up too much when baking to make a nice working base, but also make sure to fill them up so that the pan isn't bigger than the cup cake! That would make decorating difficult.

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Here is an easy and classic recipe: Preheat your oven to 180°. Melt 110g of butter in a saucepan over low heat while stirring regularly. Make sure the butter does not cook, it should just melt slowly. In a bowl, mix 3 eggs with 100g of sugar until the mixture whitens and becomes creamy, then slowly add the melted butter. Mix well. Then add 210g of flour in several additions, stirring between each addition to avoid lumps, and add 60ml of milk when the dough starts to be too thick to be worked well. Add the yeast (one packet of baking powder) and the 2 teaspoons of almond powder, mix well. Place paper liners in your muffin tins and fill them 3/4 full with batter. Bake for 20 minutes. To check if your cupcakes are cooked, stick a knife inside, if it comes out dry the dough is cooked, if not, put them in the oven again for a few minutes.

Some variations: you can add chocolate, vanilla, lemon and other flavors. The ideal is to make two or three different pastries for your guests. You can also stay on a "plain" base and fill your cup cakes with fruit, chocolate, praline cream etc.

3. Toppings and Creams to Decorate Cupcakes

- Butter Topping: at the risk of being very "rich", buttercream is perfect if you don't use too much of it and above all, it acts as a glue to assemble the small elements between them. You need to mix about 20gr of soft butter for 90gr of powdered sugar. You must obtain a cream, smooth and flexible but especially not liquid so that it holds well on the cupcake. Do not hesitate to adjust the proportion of powdered sugar. Add blue coloring for blue cupcakes and red coloring for pink cupcakes. Ideally, you want to do two colors (very light blue, darker blue, or light pink and fuchsia pink). tip: Add a few drops of vanilla extract for flavor!

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- Mascarpone Topping: An alternative to buttercream, mascarpone holds up well on cupcakes and is less rich. Mix a jar of mascarpone with 20gr of powdered sugar. That's it. Color as you wish. The mascarpone topping holds well on the cup cake, and can easily keep the shape of your sleeve!

- Almond paste topping: roll out your almond paste into a thin sheet with a rolling pin. Get original cookie cutters and cut out your shapes to place directly on the cup cake. To give the theme of the baby shower, you can write letters, draw baby pictures and add baby showers toppers. tip: decorate your cupcakes with ink pads where you apply food coloring! Baby carriage, baby bottle, baby, the decorations are pretty and simple to make.

- The Topping Icing (royal jelly type): you will need 150g of powdered sugar, half an egg white, a few drops of lemon juice and possibly a few drops of water if the mixture was too thick. You will also need a food processor (or an electric mixer).

4. Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcake toppers complete the decoration of your cream. When using colored sugar balls or other food decorations, be careful not to overdo it. Try to follow the path of your cream on the cup cake, and lightly sprinkle the cup cake. The Germans and British have many choices for decorations.

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Also, the "topper" is a traditional decoration often round in shape reminiscent of your baby shower. They are double-sided, customizable toppers and you can make them yourself or buy them. offers round baby shower stickers in the right size that you can place on toothpicks for a successful baby shower decoration!

5. The cupcake stand

The cupcake stand is essential for the presentation of your buffet. There are three types:

- Porcelain cupcake stands: these typically British stands have two or three tiers and add dimension to your table. The advantage: they are decorated and very pretty, but beware, the cupcakes tend to be "packed" in these high plates and less highlighted.

- Aluminum cupcake stands: they come in two or three tiers or in a spiral. This adds a touch of class to your decorating and highlights your cupcakes. These displays have a place for each cupcake. It is not a question of dropping everything! Pay attention to the size of your cupcakes and the size of your display. The advantage: the stands are neutral and can be used for other occasions! Choose them sturdy so they can be reused!

- Cardboard cupcake stands: these are less expensive disposable stands, often colored and decorated. The cardboard is strong. The plus: the fact that all sizes of cupcakes or muffins fit!

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