What gift to offer for a baby shower? | Mother & Baby Shopper

Baby will soon be born and you would like to offer THE perfect gift to your friend or to her future baby during her baby shower. When it comes to baby gifts, the choice is huge, so it's best to rely on the birth list if the mom has one. If not, here are a few ideas that will help you choose the right gift for this special occasion.

What is a baby shower?

First of all, let's remember that the baby shower is a party for girls and between girls, whose theme revolves around the mother-to-be and her future baby. Before she gets too busy with her baby, it is now customary to organize a baby shower around the 8th month of pregnancy to pamper the mother before the birth.

There are two possibilities: either the mother-to-be organizes the party and, in this case, it is better to think about offering her various gifts to thank her, or, and this is the most common case, it is one of her friends who organizes this party for her, and in this case, the gift of this friend for the mother will be the organization of the event. So, for her, no problem.

For the other guests, it is necessary to go fishing for ideas, but there is no shortage! On the other hand, it is better to know for whom you want to give the gift: to mom or to baby?

The gift is for the mother-to-be

Your friend is getting tired from her pregnancy, stressed from giving birth. In short, she will need to be taken care of. Think about various treatments such as body and facials, massages, and gift certificates in an institute that will allow her to make her choice.

A session at the hairdresser and beautician will be welcome when we know that after childbirth even our hair is tired! So there is nothing like a new cut and a pretty varnish to give you a boost!Also consider offering a relaxing day at the spa or a stay at the nearest thalasso with free treatments.


If she plans to breastfeed, gifts around this theme will be very appreciated: nursing pillow, bottles, breast pump, clothes...
If your friend usually takes care of herself, you can offer her beauty products such as perfume, makeup, creams, but also jewelry.

It's up to you to make your choice now, so happy shopping ladies!