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What is the must-have list before baby arrives?

To have peace of mind (or almost) when baby arrives home, it is recommended to make a certain number of purchases during pregnancy. Equipment, furniture, clothes, etc. Whether it's for the parents or the babies, discover the list of things to buy before giving birth.

Baby's bath and hygiene equipment

A certain number of hygiene and bath products must be purchased before baby comes home. For the bath, this includes:

- A baby bathtub (with legs for more comfort, depending on the space available) or a reducer if you want to use your bathtub ;
- A bath thermometer;
- Towels (to cover the changing table, for example);
- Bathing capes;
- A changing table;
- A diaper garbage can.

On the hygiene side, you will need:

- A very soft washing gel for the body and the hair respectful of the fragile skin of baby;
- Diapers for newborns;
- Wipes;
- Cotton;
- A hairbrush;
- Nail clippers;
- Packet of compresses and cord care supplies;
- 1 box of saline solution;
- A cream to avoid irritations in baby.

Also consider buying a baby thermometer.

The essential furniture for the baby's room

On the bedroom side, the list of things to bring back from the maternity ward are the following:

- A bed with bars, to optimize your costs, you can opt for an evolutionary bed, which will accompany the child during several years;
- A changing mat;
- A changing table. Note that some tables are coupled with beds or dressers. This can help optimize space;
- A wardrobe and/or a chest of drawers to store baby's things;
- A baby monitor to know if baby wakes up during the night or during his naps;
- Bed linen (fitted sheets, draw sheets, sleeping bag);
- A night light;
- A mobile;
- A deckchair for baby's awakening periods.

Good to know
If the mother has decided to breastfeed, provide a comfortable chair so that you can breastfeed your little one directly in the room, especially at night. A crib or a co-sleeping bed can also be practical for the first few weeks when baby is sleeping in the parents' room.

What to buy for baby's arrival in terms of meals

For baby's meals, we will invest in :

A few bottles (about 6 of different sizes).
They will be useful if you intend to opt for mixed breastfeeding or in case breastfeeding does not go as planned. Later on, they will also be useful for giving water to baby.

A can of baby milk
This will be used for mixed feeding, but can also be used as a backup if you are unable to breastfeed occasionally during the first few weeks. If you opt for formula feeding only, you may need several cans.

They will be used to limit stains on baby's clothes. You should choose models with Velcro fasteners, which can be attached and removed easily and quickly.

A bottle warmer
A useful accessory to give baby milk at an optimal temperature.

A milk separator or measuring cans
To avoid cluttering up with large cans of milk and travel with the right amount. It also allows you to prepare the right doses for night-time feeds.

Good to know
Choosing a high chair, as well as dishes and cutlery, is not an emergency since baby will only start to diversify his diet at an average of 4 months.

Clothes to bring

Clothes are also on the list of things to buy before baby arrives. Plan for :

- About 15 onesies ;
- 5 pairs of socks;
- 1 to 2 hats if baby is not born during the warm weather;
- 5 to 10 pajamas;
- A few outfits for outings;
- Two sleeping bags for the night;
- A pilot suit and a wool bra if baby is born in autumn or winter.

As for the size of the clothes, don't invest too much in birth clothes and in 1 month sizes. Limit yourself to the bare minimum because babies grow quickly and often wear them very little. It is better to take the minimum and complete later if necessary (chances are that you will be offered some at birth).

Good to know
Clothes must be washed with a hypoallergenic detergent before being worn by baby.

What about the essential equipment for travelling with baby?
For your outings with baby, you will need :

- A stroller, which you will use from the first weeks. To keep it as long as possible, we prefer it to evolve. You will be able to switch from the stroller to the hull for example;
- A rain cover for the stroller or an umbrella depending on the season;
- A changing bag;
- A blanket or an angel's nest, to keep baby warm during outings.

And what to buy for the parents?

For the parents too, some purchases are necessary:

- A breastfeeding pillow for more comfort during breastfeeding or while giving the bottle (if not previously purchased to improve mom's comfort during the last months of pregnancy) ;
- Disposable or washable nursing pads;
- 3 to 4 nursing bras;
- Food supplies to put in the freezer. If you can prepare a few dishes ahead of time and freeze them, that's even better;
- A chair near the crib to rock your little one comfortably;
- A dryer. If you don't have one, buying a dryer can be interesting because baby's clothes (and those of the parents) often get dirty at the speed of light and you will have to use several machines. This appliance will save you time and the traditional chore of hanging out your clothes. You will also be able to directly reuse some clothes more quickly;
- A camera or camcorder to immortalize all the beautiful moments.

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