Blue Elephant Baby Shower Decoration

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Planning a Baby Shower for your little Boy? Looking for items to make this event a success? Check out our Blue Elephant for a beautiful decor!

Your baby boy's coming out to the world is a special day, and you want to celebrate it in style.

This Super Cute Elephant Banner and Decoration Supplies Will Catch Your Heart!

This decoration kit contains everything you need for the baby boy shower.

Design Your Baby Shower Party: Decorate your baby shower with this Blue Elephant Decoration. These lovely party decorations will greet all of your party guests as they enter your venue!

Easy To Assemble: Call your family,follow the picture,just need a lot time,then you will get a unique baby shower party!

High Quality: Our party decorations are made of high quality material, harmless to pregnant moms and children. Our baby backdrop are very useful, light weight and can be reused over and over to create one of a kind party displays.

Get NOW your Blue Elephant Baby Shower Decoration for your Baby Boy party from Mother & Baby Shopper!

  • It include 1 Pcs "Its a Boy"Backdrop,
  • 1 Pcs banner,Paper tassel
  • 5 Pcs of each color(Total 15 Pcs),
  • 6 Pcs 12inch balloons,
  • 2 elephant balloons,
  • 2 Pcs Curtains(3.2*6.5 FT)

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