Waffle Blocks™ - House Building Kit

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Do you want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Discover our Waffle Blocks™ for house building which will keep your little ones far away from screens.

Learning through play has never been so much fun! Unleash your children's creativity and let them build their own dream house. 

This toy helps develop problem-solving skills, patience and precision. The set guarantees hours of fun, because the possible combinations are endless. The blocks are simply pushed into each other to build the buildings.

The Waffle Blocks™ in this set are made of safe and very durable material. So you can be sure that your child will enjoy them for a long time and safely.


✓ Stimulate creativity
Let your creativity run wild. With the  Waffle Blocks™, your child can create endless things. Nothing is too crazy.

✓ Improves technical understanding
As your little ones have to assemble their own constructions, children's technical understanding is encouraged. An educational and educational toy for the little ones.

✓ High quality
The toy is made of high quality material that guarantees a long service life.

✓ Safe
Waffle Blocks™ are made from safe, non-toxic plastic. This in combination with the rounded edges makes the toy 100% safe for young children.


✓ Simple
✓ Light weight
✓ Eco-friendly
✓ 100% fun to play with


✓  Step 1
Take the building blocks out of the packaging.

✓  Step 2 Build
the most unusual buildings.

✓  Step 3
After playing, take them apart so you can use them again next time.

Get Now our Waffle Blocks™ from Mother & Baby Shopper! The PERFECT GIFT for any child!


  • Material: Plastic
  • 50/100/140 pieces (100 and 140 pieces come with storage box)
  • Dimensions of the square: 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm
  • Triangle dimensions: 7.5 cm x 5.7 cm

*NOTE: Due to high demand, stocks are limited.

Our products are BPA-free (BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys)

  • It is of high quality;
  • Safe material and watercolor paint;
  • Chemical free;
  • CE marked according to EN71 guidelines.

Warning: This product contains small parts. Playing is recommended under adult supervision. (> 3 years or older)

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