Baby Bath SpinToy™ - Makes Bath Time Exciting

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Looking for the best toy for your baby? Are you looking for the best fun toy for bath time? Look no further!

Special offer: Now temporarily a set of 2 bath spiders + 1 bath spinner FREE

Discover our Baby Bath SpinToy™ making bath time fun and interesting for your child.

Babies are often difficult to get into the shower or bath. The Baby Bath SpinToy™ will no longer be left alone. With this interactive toy, your baby will never have trouble again when it's time for a bath.


Grasping, picking up, turning and other movements during play can help improve baby 's hand-eye coordination and practice fine hand movements. It will also help your child learn about different colors and learn the concept of balance, rotation and time as they wash.


✓ Keeps babies amused while bathing

With the Bath SpinToy™, you no longer have to struggle with getting your baby in the bath because it makes it the highlight of the day.

✓ Sustainable

The toy does not consume electricity. In addition, the toy is made of high quality material that guarantees a long service life.

✓ Safe

The Bath Spinner is made from safe, non-toxic plastic. This in combination with the rounded edges makes the toy 100% safe for small children.

Bath SpinToy™ is the perfect gift for your kid.

Get Now our trendy Baby Bath SpinToy™ to spend and enjoy bath time with your baby!


  • Material: ABS

  • Dimensions: 18*7.5*13cm


  • 3x bath spinners
Special offer:  Now temporarily a set of 2 bath spiders + 1 bath spinner FREE

Our products are BPA-free ( BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys).

  • It is of high quality;
  • Safe material and watercolor paint;
  • Chemical free;

Please note that this product contains small parts. Playing is recommended under adult supervision. (> 3 years or older).

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