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Do you love spending fun time with your baby during bath time? Looking for the best to make him enjoying water? Look no further!

Get Now our trendy Baby BathSprink™ to spend and enjoy bath time with your baby!

This cute elephant shower makes bath time fun for babies and newborns. With its soothing jet of water, it will introduce your child to the magic of water, so that he will perceive bath time as positive. Transform the baby bath into a wonderful children's shower.

Easy to use

The hand shower is easy to use. Use the suction cups to stick the elephant to the edge of the bathtub. Leave the end of the hose in the water. Use the shower with one hand and leave the other hand free to wash your baby. The shower will circulate automatically.

The advantages of the Baby BathSprink™

✓ Gently introduce your child to showering

Introduce your baby to washing at an early age with the hand shower. The gentle spray soothes your child.

✓ Easy to operate

The shower is easy to install and automatically circulates the water from the bath. So you have the other hand free to wash your child.

✓ High Quality Material

The hand shower is made of high quality material, which guarantees a long life. The battery compartment is equipped with a waterproof seal, which makes it completely waterproof.


  • Dimensions: 87x30,5x73 cm
Baby Sprinkler Mijn Hummeltje

Baby BathSprink™ is the perfect gift for your baby.

Get Now our trendy Baby BathSprink™ to spend and enjoy bath time with your baby!


  • 1x Baby-Sprinkler

    Our products are BPA free (BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys).

    • It is high quality;
    • Safe material and water color;
    • Chemical Free;
    Please note that this product contains small parts. Play is recommended under adult supervision. (> 3 years or older).

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