Baby Shower Bath Tub Non-Slip Pad

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What are you looking for? To spend the best time with your baby during bath time? Look no further!

Get this Baby Shower Bath Tub Non-Slip Pad to secure and enjoy your baby bath time!

Every parent should have a Shower Bath Pad for their baby.

This  Bath Tub Pad helps protect your little one from slipping and sliding in the tub.

The non-slip texture provides a secure, comfortable place to sit, preventing little ones from accidentally slipping into the tub and drowning.

Baby's bath mat liberates mother's hands to enjoy good bath time

Three-way fixed to stable the Mat provides more security and a safer baby bath.

Get NOW this Shower Bath Tub Non-Slip Pad for your Lovely one from Mother & Baby Shopper!


  • material: Polyester, spandex, PP, EPS
  • color: White, pink
  • Type: Tubs
  • Material: Cloth
  • Filler: Styrofoam
  • Size: 36x52cm
  • Age Range: 0-6m,7-12m
  • Age Group: Babies

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