Baby Smiley Knee Protector

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Are you looking for the best for your little baby? Do you want to protect your baby from scratches and bruises?

Discover our Smiley Knee Protector to protect your baby from any pain!

Every parent should have a Baby Knee Protector for their lovely baby.

This Smiley Knee Protector is perfect for keeping your baby safe when they are crawling and walking.

The Smiley Knee Protector is made of soft, breathable material and can be adjusted to fit your baby's leg. It is comfortable and has a smooth, shiny surface.

Get NOW your Baby Smiley Knee Protector to for your lovely boy from Mother & Baby Shopper!


  • Model Number: kneepad
  • Material Composition: Pure cotton (95% and above)
  • Material: Cotton
  • Gender: baby unisex
  • Size: length*width 11*8cm(Flexible)
  • Package include:1Pair

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