Baby's Ultra-Soft Fluffy Sleeping Bag

Kid Size: Newborn
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Looking for the best Sleeping Bag for your lovely Baby or a Baby Gift?

Look at our best selling Fluffy Sleeping Bag with super soft with ears to the hood and adorable tail on the back.

The cosy toes style wrap has slots for the legs to make easy your baby's movement. This is a great pramsuit with padded lining, for warmth and comfort on cold days.

Swaddle your baby and ensure the blanket doesn't come away by pulling the folds across and velcro them together.

A perfect baby shower gift due to its unique and adorable style.

Comfortable: Baby's Ultra-Soft Fluffy Sleeping Bag is not only cute, warm, and comfortable, but it also made of cotton material.

Cozy: Made like a teddy bear's fur, this sleeping bag will keep your little one cozy and cuddly through any time of sleep. Use it at home and when on the road.

High-Quality Materials: The grooved anti-slip design makes it more comfortable to use.

Why Should You Swaddle Your Baby?

Swaddling gives babies the snug embrace they love in the womb. By preventing startles and wild-hand nose-whacks, it will keep your baby happier and improve sleep.

This blanket is recommended for in the pram as a pramsuit in cold weather. It is NOT recommended for overnight sleeping and the baby should always be supervised.

Fluffy Fleece Soft Baby Sleeping Bag Swaddle Size Guide

  • Small: 2-5 kg (Newborn)
  • Medium: 5-8 kg (3M)
  • Large: 8-12 kg (6M)

Note: For the first 6 months of life, babies should only sleep on the back. If your baby can roll, you should stop swaddling the arms. That’s because babies need to be able to push up in case they roll to the tummy and the face is pressing against the mattress. (Always consult your baby’s doctor for advice.)

Get NOW your baby's Fluffy Sleeping Bag from Mother & Baby Shopper!


  • Item Fabric: Cotton/Fleece - Polyester
  • Item Colour: Milk white/ Pink/ Blue / Grey / Brown (As pictures show)
  • Item Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Description: Baby Sets Casual
  • Size: Newborn = 84cm (width) x 70 (length) cm, 6M= 90 (width) x 78 cm (length)

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