Busy Cube - Develop dexterity

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Do you want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Entertain your child for hours during a long car ride!

Looking for the right toy to keep your kids busy for hours during the long car ride to vacation and teach them craft skills in a fun way? This Busy Cube is a guarantee of 100% fun and will keep your child busy for hours!

Busy Cube - Develop dexterity

Develop your hand skills!

The newest Montessori toy! The Busy Cube is lightweight, has components suitable for everyday use and is made of durable, natural beech wood. This means that your child can use the Busy Cube for hours without any problems.

This educational Montessori toy is designed to train children's cognitive skills in a fun way.

Busy Cube - Develop dexterity

The advantages of Busy Cube!

Improvement of motor skills

Easy, safe and fast learning of motor skills and everyday objects.

Get to know everyday objects

The various everyday objects on the cube ensure that your children learn how to use them at an early age.

Easy storage

A handy storage box is included so you do not lose the small parts so easily. Ideal when your child is finished playing

Safe and reliable

The lightweight material makes it safe to play with. This Montessori Wooden Play Board is made of light beech wood and finished with a water-based paint. 100% tested safe.

Busy Cube - Develop dexterity

More advantages!



✓ Eco-friendly

✓100% fun and perfect gift for kids/children

Instruction manual

There are four different types of cubes, each of which trains a different skill. The cube is designed so that your child can independently learn the everyday objects on the cube. Will you choose the fidget spinner, the faucet or the bicycle bell


  • Weight: 500 Gramm
  • Size: 155 x 115 x 140 mm
  • Material: Light beech wood + fittings
Busy Cube - Develop dexterity
Busy Cube - Develop dexterity

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