Cognitive Quiet Book™ - Develop cognitive abilities

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Do you want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Discover our Cognitive Quiet Book™ to develop your child's cognitive skills through play.

Cognitive Quiet Book™  is a reader that encourages motor and cognitive skills in a fun way. kids will love it. Pin the correct shapes, colors, letters or numbers onto the picture.


With this toy, your child can focus on the colored shapes. Let your child find the correct picture for the shape to improve shape recognition and hand-eye coordination. Children will have hours of fun with these books. Hours of pleasure and fun so you can read your favorite book in peace with a nice cup of coffee. The book is made of high quality and waterproof material so it will last for generations. In addition, the book is reusable.

Plakboek Quiet Book Mijn Hummeltje


✓ Develop Motor Skills
This book is ideal for developing your child's motor skills.

✓ Shape Recognition Improvement
As your child has to find the right picture for the shape, shape recognition will be improved. A great educational game.

✓ Durable
The toy is made of high quality waterproof material that guarantees a long service life.

✓ Safe
The Quiet Book™ is made of safe material that is free of toxins. This in combination with the rounded edges makes the toy 100% safe for young children.


  • Size: 280x200x30mm
  • Weight: 1.0kg
  • Material: cardboard with waterproof coating

Leerboek Mijn Hummeltje Quiet BookCONTENTS

  • 1x practical storage box
  • 17x themes

Our products are BPA-free ( BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys)

  • It is of high quality;
  • Safe material and watercolor paints;
  • Chemical free;
  • Has the CE mark according to the EN71 directives.

Please note that this product contains small parts. Playing is recommended under adult supervision. (> 3 years or older)

Get Now our Cognitive Quiet Book™ from Mother & Baby Shopper! The PERFECT GIFT for any child!

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