Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

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Do you want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Captivate children and even adults with highly visual, educational entertainment!

Visual learning allows people, especially children, to develop visual thinking, a learning style that enables them to retain and understand information better by connecting ideas, words, and concepts with images. Learners are also more engaged when learning is fun!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

That's what the designers have in mind is an innovative way to teach children letters, numbers, symbols and other things and to inspire adults too! It is a pen set that can be used on paper and floats on water!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

Floating figures stimulate the creativity of children!

This magic is created by drawing characters on a ceramic spoon and then floating them on a ceramic bowl filled with water. It's like a magical soup of learning! It also works if you draw directly on a ceramic bowl and then gradually add water. Watch the figures float!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

It also allows you to make temporary tattoos! Simply tape a piece of paper to a floating ink mark and then place it on your arm or hand. A simple trick that will be fun for kids and adults alike!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

Non-toxic ink and free from strong odors!

Is made of non-toxic material that is safe for the skin and does not contain strong odors! The pen ink is also water-based, so it washes off easily. It is fast drying, writes smoothly and does not run out!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)

Train children's motor skills and encourage their creativity with an innovative learning tool!

Kids learn easily when it's fun! Let kids draw or test their alphabet skills in a fun new way!

Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)
Why this watercolor penc is the perfect learning tool?
✓ It is water based which means it is easily washable and easy to clean.
✓ It is made of safe and non-toxic materials
✓ It offers a lot of space for creativity for adults and children
Creative watercolor pencil (6+6 Free)
  • Material: Water based ink
  • Quantity: 12 Pens
  • Properties: Water soluble/temporary tattooing/intoxic/odorless

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