Montessori Sorting Puzzle - Logical thinking for children

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Want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Develop logical thinking!

Do you want to work on the development of your children? Or do you want to teach them to stimulate their senses in a fun way? The  Montessori sorting puzzle is a guarantee of 100% fun!

Montessori sorting puzzle -  Logical thinking for children

The newest educational toy on the market! The Montessori Sorting Puzzle is lightweight and made of durable, natural beech wood and painted with watercolor.

The sorting puzzle can be played on both sides and makes it twice as much fun!

Montessori sorting puzzle -  Logical thinking for children

These educational Montessori toys aim to train children's cognitive skills in a fun way

The advantages of the Montessori sorting puzzle!

 Improve your logical thinking skills

When you move the round elements, you have to think logically about how to fill the board as indicated on the card.

 Stimulates the senses

The different colors and types of fruit help to recognize and match colors and shapes.

Easy storage

The stand is easily removable and therefore convenient to store.

Safe and reliable

The lightweight material makes it safe to play with. The Montessori sorting puzzle is made of light beech wood and coated with water-based paint. Tested 100% safe.

More advantages!

✓ 2 Games in 1

✓ Lightweight

✓ Eco-friendly

✓ 100% Fun

Montessori sorting puzzle -  Logical thinking for children

Manual Instruction

Step 1
Place your game board in the stand. The front side shows the types of fruit and the back side shows the colors

Step 2
Select from one of the cards the order you want to restore. 

Step 3
Mix the fruits and the colors until you have the right order. Then move on to the next card.
Montessori sorting puzzle -  Logical thinking for children


  • 1x Game board (playable on both sides)

  • 12x round cylinder

  • 2x Standard

  • 18x Playing cards

Montessori sorting puzzle -  Logical thinking for childrenGet NOW your baby's Montessori Sorting Puzzle from Mother & Baby Shopper!

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