New Baby Safety Tweezers Plastic

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Do want the best for your little baby? Do you pay attention to your baby’s care?

Discover our New Baby Safety Tweezers Plastic to keep your baby safe!

This product is a nasal tweezer designed to be used by parents to help their baby stop sneezing and nasal congestion. The nasal tweezer is easy to use and will help your child get relief from the congestion and sneezing.

Plastic Tweezers are must-have items for moms.  

Nasal tweezers are a helpful tool for parents with children that are still being breastfed.

These baby plastic nasal tweezers are a good tool for parents to use for removing baby's drool, food, and other foreign objects from the nose. They can also be used to clean out a nose that is blocked by mucus.

Here's why parents are choosing to invest in New Baby Safety Tweezers Plastic to secure their homes.

Get NOW your New Baby Safety Tweezers Plastic to for your lovely one from Mother & Baby Shopper!


  • Style: Combination Package
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: Nasal Cleaner
  • Age Range: Maternity,0-6m,7-12m
  • Age Group: Babies
  • Material: pincet: PP; the clear cover: PS
  • Size: 90*19.5*13.5mm.
  • Color: white.


  1. Safe, clean and healthy.
  2. Eco-friendly, perfect for 3-6 months baby.
  3. Effective to clearing baby/toddler nostrils and ear dirty.
  4. Comes with a clear cap for storage.
  5. Fine made plastic rust-free.
  6. The tweezers can be sterilize by microwave or boiling water (the clear cover cannot high heat).

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