Wooden Wall Sticker Oh Baby for Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Decoration

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Planning a baby shower? Looking for items to make this event a success? Check out our "Oh Baby" Sticker for a Perfect decor!

Proud parents will love this wall sticker; a beautiful baby decor. Perfect for your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Parties, this design is a plus to any wall decoration. It's also a great way to decorate a blank wall in any room.

This sticker can be placed on the wall or any other support for your Baby Shower Party or Gender Reveal Party. It will create a cozy and fun environment for your baby event. The sticker is easy to remove after the party.

Get NOW your Wooden "Oh Baby" Sticker for your Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party from Mother & Baby Shopper!

  • Occasion: Baby Shower Party / Gender Reveal Party
  • Material: Wood

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