Wooden Magic Beads™ - Development of manual skills

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Do you want the best for your baby? Are you looking for the perfect fun toy that brings pleasure and enhances his abilities? Look no further!

Develop your manual skills!

Let your kids think logically and develop their brain and cognitive ability. Make sure the beads are in the right place in no time! Wooden Magic Beads™ stimulates your child's thinking skills!  


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New in the development of educational toys! Lightweight and crafted from durable, natural beech wood, The Wooden Magic Beads™ are polished for a comfortable grip. 

This educational toy is designed to stimulate children's brains and encourage them to think logically.

Magic Bean hand weight training

 Reduces stress

By improving logical thinking and thinking skills, your child will learn to cope better in stressful situations. 

  Stimulates the senses 

Wooden Magic Beads™ gives the child satisfaction when the balls are in the right order and creates a euphoric feeling

 Handy model

The Wooden Magic Beads™ is a handy model that you can easily take with you on trips, in the car, on vacation or just at home on the sofa.  

✓Safe and reliable

The lightweight material makes it safe to play with. Wooden Magic Beads™ is odorless and made of light beech wood. 100% safe tested.


✓ Improving thinking skills


✓ Water based paint

✓ Prevent Alzheimer's disease

 Magic Beads


Step 1

Divide the two colors of beads and move the beads through the middle square (move 4 beads at a time)

Step 2

Restore the pearls on one side of one color. You win when both sides are filled with the same color and the last 4 remaining beads are 2 red and 2 beige beads.



  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Dimensions: 115 x 130 x 20mm
  • Material: Light beech wood

Our products are BPA-free (BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products such as building materials, electronics, plastic bottles and toys).

  • It is made from high-quality, natural beech wood,
  • Safe material and watercolor paint
  • Chemical free

    Warning: This product contains small parts. Play under adult supervision. (> 3 years old or older).

    *NOTE: Due to high demand, stocks are limited.

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